The herbal medicine ISOREL® – a mistletoe preparation for cancer therapy

Cancer diseases are spreading more and more. According to official cancer research sources, almost 500,000 people in Germany develop cancer every year. Conventional, allopathic treatments are usually very rich in side effects.

Project initiators within the framework of the LUKAS Foundation for Human-Appropriate Medicine have been working intensively for many years on the research and development of an effective mistletoe treatment within cancer therapy. The mistletoe preparation ISOREL®, which is particularly suitable for this, can unfortunately no longer be produced in the previous way since 2012. This was the trigger to aim for the renewed production of ISOREL® under particularly suitable conditions.

In addition to those suffering from cancer, those affected by exhaustion or burn-out can also recover from mistletoe; it has a very invigorating effect. The risk of relapses can be reduced as well as the manifestation of a new cancer. When using ISOREL®  as an injection preparation, the patient can experience warming and strengthening power effects that have a lasting effect on the tumor growth process and can contribute to healing.

ISOREL® is made from mistletoe as an answer to the existential need of cancer patients. If the mistletoe was always a strong bush of its host tree, e.g. the fir, it becomes something completely new in the very complicated manufacturing process. When the summer sap drops from above into the horizontally flowing winter sap, a vortex is formed, in which it is repeatedly stopped by changing the direction of flow. The mistletoe forms an element of the upright in the shape of a cross.

Mistletoe on the tree
Mistletoe on the tree

If, after an overall very complicated preparation, this remedy is given to the patient by the doctor, the new formation caused by the disease is brought in a direction corresponding to the overall organism – that is, recovery. Overall, the patient should be able to recover from mistletoe, which is new to itself. He can find himself anew in the healthy self and is allowed to be himself. In addition to cancer patients, those suffering from exhaustion can also heal through Viscum album, that is, through mistletoe; it has a very invigorating effect. ISOREL® is a very well tolerated drug. The patient experiences a pleasant, warming and strengthening power effect. He becomes confident and cheerful too.

ISOREL® quality features with regard to its components and its procurement

There are various reasons why a herbal remedy such as ISOREL® ampoules can be used successfully in mistletoe therapy. One cause is the potential that a plant itself has. In the case of mistletoe, these are e.g. various specifics from the botany and morphology of mistletoe such as spherical formation, blooming in winter, the roots on the host tree. On the other hand, the presence of certain ingredients such as viscotoxins, lectins, minerals, polysaccharides, flavonoids and much more is important. Of course, it is also important to deal extremely carefully with issues relating to the quality of the starting material in terms of purity, but also in relation to the harvest location and the time of harvest. The mistletoe for the ISOREL® remedy is harvested by the employees themselves at natural locations in Austria, observing certain constellation-related criteria, or they are of controlled biological origin.