Project Description

Building completion to enable the renewed production of the Mistletoe substance ISOREL*

– formerly used as mistletoe therapy in oncology –

Project overview

Cancer is increasing steadily. Official sources from the scientific cancer research state that approx. 500.000 people are diagnosed with cancer per year – and these are only the figures for Germany.

Most conventional treatments have considerable side effects. Therefore, the project initiators have been working very intensively over the past few years, within the framework of the “LUKAS-Stiftung-für menschengemäße Medizin” (The LUKAS Foundation for humane medicine) to research and develop an effective mistletoe treatment. The especially suitable mistletoe product ISOREL can unfortunately no longer be produced since 2012.

This is what triggered the decision to strive for a new production of ISOREL, under especially suitable conditions.

Mistletoe not only supports the healing of cancer patients, but also helps patients with burn-out and those suffering from exhaustion; Mistletoe has a very strengthening effect. The danger of a relapse as well as the manifestation of a cancer illness can be reduced.

When ISOREL is injected a warming and strengthening can be experienced that has a lasting influence on the growth process of the tumor and which can contribute to the healing process.

The production of ISOREL has certain special requirements. Therefore, we took care to ensure a suitable location. Especially pure environmental conditions were found in Thörl-Maglern (in Kärnten, Austria), that is bordered by Austria, Italy and Slovenia.

In addition, the whole construction of the Lukas Foundation in itself will support the production, by its artistic and healing form.

The foundation of the building develops from the form of a seven edged star. A special requirement is that a pharmaceutical aseptic clean room has to be integrated.

The project development, in addition to the already completed construction work on the building, gives us hope to believe that ISOREL can be produced and made available with this new manufacturing form in approx. 1,5 years.

What are the goals of this project and who is the target group?

The goal is to produce and make available the proven remedy ISOREL for cancer treatment.

The target group includes not only the patients, but also the physicians and therapists that practice and accompany the therapy or want to learn more.

Why should this project be supported?

Almost everyone has someone with cancer in their environment, or may be a cancer patient themselves. Everyone who wants to help make this therapy available again should get involved.

Please visit this page at the partner site of – a non-for-profit fundraising platform – which will guide you in English to facilitate your donation.

Your financial support is highly appreciated!

* Footnote: ISOREL is a registered trademark.

Dr. med. Wessel von Loe (Photo)

Dr. med. Wessel von Loe

Dr. med. Wessel von Loe (M. D.): 56 yrs., married, three adult children. Gynaecologist and obstetrician in anthroprosophical medicine.
His activities centre on:
Individual care in pregnancy, mistle therapy in oncology, gynaecology for children and youth. Member in Association for the Realization of the Anthroposophical Movement [orig. German title: Bund zur Verwirklichung der Anthroposophischen Bewegung].